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Encyclopedia of Usability
Ссылка: http://www.interaction-design.org/encyclopedia/

Dear HCI community,

We are proud to announce that our new encyclopedia is online!

This project is a labour of love. We believe that our community can do wonders for the world if the fruits of our collective (and hard) work is made even more accessible to the rest of the world. Especially those parts of the world who can't afford expensive textbooks.

Thus, our mission is about the Democratization of Knowledge: That people from all the far corners of the world can get free access to world-class educational materials on HCI.

Credit goes to all of you Б─⌠ even if you haven't contributed directly: It's the sum of your work throughout the last 3 decades that has made this project possible. There are so many clever people in HCI with so many brilliant ideas and we hope to spread them as far around the world as possible!

A last request: We need your help to spread the word. Please write about us on your blog and share a link on Facebook/Twitter:


We hope that you can use our educational materials in your HCI courses. The chapters accommodate different learning styles: Some students learn best when reading, others learn best from documentary-style videos or from trying out interactive figures.

Next steps:
- Continually improve the quality of chapters
- Make ebook/iPad version (free of course)
- Listen to critique/feedback/suggestions

Have a great day!

All the best,

Rikke and Mads

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