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Теория визуализации и теория компьютерной метафоры

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The Tasks of Designing and Developing Virtual Test Stands, 2020

V. L. Averbukh, N. V. Averbukh, P. Vasev, I. Gajniyarov and I. Starodubtsev, The Tasks of Designing and Developing Virtual Test Stands // 2020 Global Smart Industry Conference (GloSIC), Chelyabinsk, Russia, 2020, pp. 49-54, doi: 10.1109/GloSIC50886.2020.9267835.

Virtual test stands are used for research when live experiment is either difficult or impossible. The possibility of multiple launches is necessary for the program simulating processes with various parameters, along with computer simulation experiments for complex technical objects with VR visualization of the results. Such systems are used, for instance, in the automobile industry. However, there is no mainstreaming yet, probably, because the existing issues have not been properly worked through. The paper discusses a number of problems connected with designing and developing virtual test stands. Determination of overall and interim goals of computer simulation for these systems is required. The use of specialized computer simulation means and/or simulation packages is possible. Computer simulation requires parallel computations. It is necessary to choose VR means suitable for the aims and objectives of the specific system. The necessity arises to use VR in online visualization mode, which presupposes graphic output in the course of program execution and the opportunity to interact with the program. This interaction can change the execution progress and the output graphic information. A major problem is organizing interaction with a virtual test stand. Interfaces for VR environment control and interfaces for simulation control are being considered. Device and natural interfaces are used in VR systems. Natural interfaces can be used to control the VR environment. Problems arise with natural interfaces in setting simulation parameters. Motion capture interfaces can also be used. When working with the stand, a user may experience undesired conditions, which should be studied and prevented

Ключевые слова: virtual reality, virtual test stand, interfaces for virtual reality, cyberpsychology.
Метки: Авербух В.Л., Авербух Н.В., Васёв П.А., Гайнияров И.М., Стародубцев И.С.

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